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Overview: Build That Wall?


What do immigrants think about the current administration's plans to build a wall?


This Documentary delves into the lives of undocumented workers living in Marin, County and gives them a platform to discuss their reaction to the Trump Administration's plans to build a wall along the southern border of the U.S.A. They discuss the long and arduous process of becoming a U.S. Citizen, as well as their individual journey to this country and their hopes for the future. 


Written and Directed by Melissa L. White

Produced by Terrence Glass

Cinematographor/Editor: Christopher Sorrenti

Overview: Golden Gate Blues


Set in Fan Francisco, this story’s ensemble cast of characters navigate their way through their intertwining lives, dealing with everything from the death of the family matriarch, to the birth of a new adopted son in this story of redemption and new beginnings.


Adapted from three different short stories in the collection also called “Golden Gate Blues,” this is a story of death and rebirth – of giving up old ways in favor of the new. After losing his elderly mother, Luke Lawson (52) and his wife Bridgette (44) learn that their pending adoption has finally been approved and they make plans for the arrival of their new son. Luke hires Jessica Summerfield (32) as his personal assistant to help with the planning of his mother’s memorial service and to help Bridgette with the preparations for the new baby. Jessica has just arrived from New Orleans on her own personal odyssey of reinvention; starting over after suffering the loss of her mother and her ensuing battle with depression and bi-polar disorder. Luke’s extended family travels from Texas to the Bay Area for the funeral and the reading of the will, so that his nieces, Michelle (16) and Miranda (10) can be present to accept their inheritance from their grandmother. Then on the eve of their son’s birth, both Luke and Bridgette have the same dream: the child contacts them and tells them that he knew them both in a past life and he’s picked them to be his parents. The phone rings and it’s the hospital calling to let Luke and Bridgett know that the birth mother has just gone into labor so they rush to the hospital for the delivery. The birth mother dies during childbirth, and the doctors fear that the baby may have suffered brain damage due to being oxygen deprived during the delivery. They keep the baby overnight for observation. Later that day Luke attends the reading of his mother’s will where his nieces, Michelle and Miranda receive a sizable inheritance. That night, Luke’s nieces come to his home to meet London, their new baby cousin. The story ends with Miranda’s innocent promise to look after London, years from now whenever Luke and Bridgett go to heaven. Thus the circle of life continues in this refreshing family tale where miracles happen and it’s never too late to make your life into what you want.

Overview: Cornelius and Willow


In this modern-day retelling of Romeo and Juliet, Cornelius, an African American young man and Willow, a Caucasian girl, fall in love but their parents strongly disapprove. When Cornelius is mistaken for a criminal and killed by the police, it sparks protests and forces Willow to come of age.


Set in the San Francisco Bay Area, this story is about a biracial couple who learn some hard life lessons at an early age. Willow Chapman (17) is smart, feisty and doesn’t take any crap from anyone. She’s a junior at Drake High School in neighboring Marin County and she falls in love with Cornelius Montgomery (18), a senior at St. Ignatius Prep School in San Francisco. Cornelius’ family is wealthy and he’s won a full Lacrosse scholarship to U.C. Berkeley where he plans to study Pre-Law. He’s intelligent, ambitious, and has political aspirations. Although their parents disapprove, these kids go to great lengths to be together and find a deep, almost spiritual connection that binds them together and propels the plot. Even though they are young, their love is real, passionate, and powerful. They run away to Las Vegas and get married then live with Cornelius’ parents while Cornelius goes on to attend U.C. Berkeley on his lacrosse scholarship.


When Willow travels to Chico State to watch one of Cornelius’ Lacrosse games, he decides to ride home with her and not ride the Cal team bus back home. Cornelius and Willow stop for gas in Chico and walk in on a gang robbery. Willow gets shot and when the police arrive on the scene, Cornelius runs to them for help. The cops mistake Cornelius for a gang member then shoot and kill him.


The shooting death of Cornelius sparks Nationwide protests and reunites Willow and her estranged parents. Willow’s mother forms a foundation in Cornelius’ name that collects over a million signatures and is instrumental in forcing lawmakers to pass legislation requiring all police officers to wear body cameras.


In the end, the officer who shot Cornelius is convicted of involuntary manslaughter and sentenced to two years in prison, the maximum sentence. The story leaves the audience with a sense of hope, that out of a tragedy, positive action will arise.


Following in the aftermath of similar police shootings in Ferguson and other cities across our nation, this story touches a nerve. It addresses issues that are on fire in the media today, and confronts the ugly truth of insidious racial bias. It is timely, relevant, and riveting. Full of action, heartache, and compassion, this story confronts racial issues head on and instead of simply perpetuating anger, fear and hatred, this story offers an uplifting solution, leaving the audience with a sense of hope in the future.

Overview: Modern Dances


A lonely divorcee finds romance with her Tango instructor, but when he dumps her for a younger woman, she gives up on men altogether. Then once she stops looking, Mr. Right finds her.


Desiree Barnes (49) has been divorced for 4 years and is tired of being alone. Her husband of 17 years left her for a younger woman. So even though Desiree is tired of being alone, she is afraid of being hurt again, and is leery of trying to find anyone new, until she meets Jason (32), her Tango lesson instructor.  Although Jason is 17 years younger than Desiree, he finds her irresistible. Desiree knows deep down that he isn’t right for her because he’s too young, but he’s so convincing and persistent that she decides to risk it all and falls in love with him.


Their relationship blossoms into a steamy romance. She encourages him to leave his job as a Tango instructor at a dance studio in North Beach, and helps him pursue his dream of writing a novel.  With her help, he completes the novel, finds an agent, and gets his book published. Then as soon as he recognizes a little literary success he befriends a young female author and begins a new writing partnership with her.


Jason eventually leaves Desiree for this younger woman, so Desiree is angry, bitter, and alone. She swears off searching for anyone else, giving up on ever finding love again, and decides to make herself happy on her own. So she goes to adopt a kitten, and while at the SPCA she meets a new man her own age, Theo (51), and he convinces her to take a chance on Romance with him.


The story is a fresh take on an age old story, where the themes of modern day love versus old fashioned romance come to a head in this funny and heartwarming tale of waiting for the right match to come along. 

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